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 “The regulatory burden on supply chain has grown in recent years, at a time when risk has also increased. Bureau Veritas in his mission to support a business-to-business-to-society helps Governments and Public authorities to achieve a compliant, efficient and transparent market place while assisting economic agents to managing risks.”

Efficient government services

Your challenges

With trade playing a key role in most economies and increasing risk in all sectors of society, protecting citizens, creating a transparent and fluid business environment, and improving revenue collection are fundamental roles of government. In an increasingly globalized world, governments are also seeking to demonstrate that they are effective places to do business. It is about ensuring fast and competitive processes and tools for exporters, importers and economic agents.

How we support you

Bureau Veritas works with Governments to control imports into their countries, protecting citizens. We have developed a range of digitally-enhanced services that increase efficiency and transparency. 

Protecting local populations
Bureau Veritas is accredited by a number of countries to perform Verification of Conformity (frequently called VoC, CBCA, or PVOC), assessing goods at the point of export, and issuing certificates of conformity to exporters. The aim: to ensure substandard goods do not enter a country. 

Facilitate trade - Efficient customs clearance                                                                                                                                       Bureau Veritas is one of the leaders in the field of one-stop shopping concessions. These innovative digital systems reduce customs clearance times and improve trade and transparency. They allow operators to file information with a single body to meet all regulatory import or export requirements.

Improving tax collection

  • Inspection of imports using X-ray scanners enables countries to check that products and their quantities imported match customs declarations. We install and operate scanners for countries, helping countries boost tax revenues and prevent illegal imports.
  • In carrying out pre shipment inspection (PSI) of goods on behalf of Customs authorities, we help Governments to ensure that the correct revenues are collected on imports & exports.
  • Our oil marking solution allows governments to increase tax collection by detecting frauds such as smuggling, under-declaration, adulteration & dilution.

Improve traceability and supervision of material and immaterial flows

  • Our Telecom solutions ensure control & measurement of the data traffic for regulatory authorities.

Our Verigates platform enables exporters to manage certificates required for import

  • Verigates is our web platform dedicated to pre-shipment inspection programs operated by Bureau Veritas, Government Services Division.
  • Verigates is a secure interactive portal covering all the processes between Bureau Veritas operational offices and the international trade community.
  • It is a 24/7 front office which gives fast access to information for the operator.
  • The application allows you to lodge your requests for certificate order and subsequently consult the status of your corresponding files in real time.

Please visit our Verigates website to get information on the current programs: