Performance measurements
for power plants

Verifying that technical specifications are respected for optimum performance.


With a high demand for electricity triggering more construction of power plants, the goal of an owner is to ensure that its new generation assets will produce the MWh required by the power purchase agreement or the energy market. For a portfolio of power generation assets, performance testing can facilitate benchmarking and help identify best operating practices.


What are performance measurements for power plants?

The purpose of the Bureau Veritas performance measurements service is to establish and verify the level of power generated, the efficiency, noise and emission levels of technical installations in line with the applicable measurement procedures, the contract specifications and international and national standards. Bureau Veritas performs this service on boiler plants (steam, hot/warm water, thermal oil), gas turbine and cogeneration, steam turbines, combined cycles, reciprocation engines (gas, diesel), generators, incinerators, waste incineration plants, refrigeration and freezing plants (ammonia, absorption), compressed air equipment, and pumps.

What are the key benefits?

To check the actual performance of the installation against the performance guaranteed by turbine and boiler suppliers, or by the engineering procurement contractor (EPC).
To define the reference level of a new installation.
To optimize the operation of a power plant.
To determine the performance of individual parts of the
power plant.
To benchmark power plants in a portfolio.
To check accuracy of control- command system.


Recognition - Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is the worldwide leader specialized in QHSE and social responsibility services. Certified to ISO 9001 for all of its activities throughout the world, Bureau Veritas actively participates within professional authorities, helping develop international standards and regulations.

Network - With a network of 900 offices and laboratories and over 39,000 employees in more than 140 countries, Bureau Veritas serves 370,000 customers in many different industries across the world.

Expertise - We have a wide range of state of the art measuring facilities and equipment, three dedicated technical services department and more than 40 qualified engineers and technicians.


Projects generally proceed in the following way :

  • Contract signature.
  • Analysis of contractual guarantees.
  • Setting of a measurement protocol and detailed planning of performance testing.
  • Preparation and execution of performance testing.
  • Collection and storage of data.
  • Analysis and reporting.


Why would I need independent performance measurements?

Independent check against manufacturer specifications.
Anticipate correction during commissioning phase.
Create a reference value.
Avoid claims.

How is Bureau Veritas better positioned than manufacturers to provide this service?

More than 5,000 MW tested.
Multi-disciplined engineers and field technicians.
Worldwide experience with all gas and steam turbines and boilers manufacturers.

Which equipment do you use?

Bureau Veritas uses its own calibrated equipment and sets it in parallel to the existing control-command of the power plant. This set up guarantees the independence of the measurement and will verify the accuracy of existing measurement equipment installed.