Green building

and energy efficiency consultancy

Bureau Veritas works collaboratively with owners, architects, engineers and general contractors to design and build high performance green buildings. Our LEED accredited professionals can facilitate the integrated design process and streamline the certification process by providing valuable experience of the rating system and its application in local practice. Our technical center supports our LEED project team with expertise, market knowledge and advanced computer software support.

business Challenge  

Ahead of both industry and transportation, built environments account for a significant portion of all energy expenditures and offer the largest potential for efficiency improvement. Furthermore, global pressure and recent government initiatives have increased scrutiny of corporate energy use.

Pressure is mounting on building owners and managers to minimize their corporate environmental impacts. Designing or retrofitting buildings to be energy-efficient and implementing tailor-made energy efficiency management plans can result in substantial reductions in energy consumption and costs.

Our Offer

What is a Building Energy Audit?

A Building Energy Audit consists of a comprehensive assessment of your electricity, water, gas and any other utilities used by your building or facility. Our qualified auditors can assess your overall efficiency, propose clear actions for improvement, calculate the return on investment timelines and advise you on how to best achieve energy savings.

What are the key benefits?
  • Energy saving identification and cost savings
  • Immediate action for occupier wellbeing
  • First step in an asset enhancement process
  • A quick return on the investment