design review and QA/QC

Design review

and qa/qc

Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC): we review the Quality Plan and perform inspections throughout the construction process in order to assist the Project Owner in checking the effective implementation of the approved Quality Plan.

Design Review: we perform independent review of design drawings and technical documents (calculation notes, descriptions, etc.) to report about their conformity with project specifications and applicable codes & standards chosen by the client.

business Challenge

Oil and gas industry operators need to have high levels of confidence that their facilities will operate as intended. If lifetime costs are to be minimized, problems must be identified and eliminated from the design. 

Owners want facilities to be built to standards that have been proven by industry experience, and meet their own exacting requirements for operational, safety and environmental performance.

Our Offer

Bureau Veritas' technical centers offer two types of systematic design reviews based on customer needs: either a 100% assessment of the design against the relevant design standards, or a verification review (sampling) against the standards defined by the site operator. The latter is based on the goal-setting approach that originated in the UK safety dossier and verification regulations for  DCR and PFEER.

QC/QA of commodities is provided via our network of laboratories near client sites. We also provide a diverse range of QC/QA supply chain services for industrial applications. Our QC/QA services therefore minimize costly delays and mitigate risk due to failure.