Iso 22301

ISO 22301

Business continuity certification

Companies may be subject to a range of operational delays and supply chain disruptions. By implementing and certifying a Business Continuity Management System, organizations can swiftly recover from incidents without compromising their long-term security.

Operational delays take many forms – utility disruptions, IT outages, extreme weather – and are a risk for all businesses. To recover from these incidents, organizations require a comprehensive strategy that tackles numerous business continuity risks. 

ISO 22301 is a Business Continuity Management System that accounts for your company’s complete ecosystem. With ISO 22301, companies can identify areas of risk, implement controls and allocate responsibilities appropriately. By certifying your business to ISO 22301, you can reassure both internal and external parties of your company’s ability to recover from unexpected disruptions.


  • Identify risk and implement appropriate organizational controls with ISO 22301

  • Minimize property risks and revenue loss while maintaining cash flow in the face of disruptions

  • Implement a company-wide business continuity policy specific to your business context

  • Reassure stakeholders and investors of your company’s operational safety by certifying to ISO 22301

  • Achieve certification form Bureau Veritas, a leader in Enterprise Risk services