The automotive sector is evolving at breakneck speed, bringing new risks. Bureau Veritas’ suite of certification services addresses safety, quality and performance along the entire automotive value chain.

The automotive industry is undergoing a veritable revolution. Automotive players must be ready to adapt if they are to stay competitive. Technological innovation, new emerging markets, changing consumer expectations and increasingly complex supply chains and regulatory frameworks are intensifying pressure on the industry. Automotive players must ensure now more than ever that their organizations are prepared to face these challenges head-on.

Bureau Veritas certification enables players across the entire Automotive value chain—such as manufacturers, dealers and Tier I and II suppliers—to demonstrate that they are meeting these challenges. Our comprehensive suite of certification and auditing services covers quality, health and safety, environmental protection, social responsibility and more.


  • Identify and mitigate risk by developing a culture of risk-based thinking
  • Gain access to new markets by achieving compliance with mandatory quality, health and safety, environmental management and information security standards
  • Meet evolving needs by certifying your alignment with customer expectations for environmental and social responsibility
  • Increase consumer confidence by placing quality at the core of your business processes
  • Earn worldwide recognition through bureau veritas’ internationally-respected certification services

Drive quality along the automotive value chain
Certification to leading automotive management system standards demonstrates a commitment to excellence and compliance with regulatory and customer requirements. Bureau Veritas’ certification allow you to demonstrate the performance of your organization, processes, supply chain and distribution network. 

Secure data and information systems
With more and more data being shared between automotive customers and suppliers, information systems security is more critical for the automotive industry than ever. Certification to the TISAX standard, an automotive-specific version of the Information Security Management standard ISO 27001, enables you to demonstrate the security of your automotive IT infrastructure. Bureau Veritas also offers a proprietary Data Protection Standard  to safeguard data, prevent security breaches and recover faster from disruptive incidents.

Reduce environmental impact
The automotive industry is highly energy- and resource-intensive, and relies on complex, global supply chains. Certification to Environmental Management System standards like ISO 14001  demonstrates your commitment to reducing environmental impact. Audits to energy management system standards (e.g. ISO 50001) can help you optimize energy efficiency.

Demonstrate social and ethical responsibility
A proven commitment to sustainability and ethical practices has become critical for fostering customer loyalty, attracting top talent and mitigating risk. Certification to the SA 8000  Social Accountability Management System standard helps you ensure that the highest ethical standards are being upheld across your entire supply chain. Our proprietary Bureau Veritas SafeSupply  digital tool allows you to seamlessly monitor suppliers’ social performance. Assessments against Responsible Sourcing Initiatives check for the sustainable stewardship of materials used by the automotive industry like minerals and aluminum.