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Transportable Moisture limit service

Apr. 23 2020

Our laboratory extends its scope of service by providing Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) services in addition to inspection, coal, mineral and water testing services currently offered by the laboratory.

gavin hefer

we are extremely pleased of this achievement, which enables us to guarantee our clients safety on the shipping of their solid bulk cargo

Gavin HEFER Commodities Director of Bureau Veritas in South Africa

TML is the maximum moisture content of a cargo that is considered safe for transportation in ships. If the cargo is assessed as having higher actual moisture content than its TML, then IMSBC Code does not allow that cargo to be loaded and transported by sea unless the vessel is specially built or fitted for confining cargo shift.

Bureau Veritas performs the following IMSBC tests for TML:

  • Flow Table Test
  • Proctor/Fagerberg Test (including the modified test and test for coal)
  • Penetration Test

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